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One Year Later:
From the ashes of Super Storm Sandy, yet another arts organization struggles to fulfill its fundraising mission in addition to these challenged economic times.

The Town of Oyster Bay Arts Council Board of Directors spearheaded by Executive Director, Sharon Betz and President, Ted Firetog have dug deeply and pressed onward to recover its 4th Annual Celebration of the Arts Recognition Dinner scheduled at the Fox Hollow Inn on Thursday, November 7th.

This elegant gala event will serve a greater purpose.  It raises scholarship funds for college bound students in the arts.

A special entertainment gift through the generous funding by Peter Makus, Janice and Ed Werz and Martha Merideth— Dancers Brittany Larrimer, Marcello Bernard and J Ryan Carroll will set the dance floor ablaze compliments of the world renowned Ajkun Ballet Theatre.

Theresa Statz-Smith, Executive Director of the Long Island Arts Alliance will be the special guest speaker for the evening.

In addition, the Town of Oyster Bay Arts Council will recognize four honorees who have greatly contributed to the promotion of the performing and visual arts while enhancing the lives of the Long Island community.  The Independent Arts Society, the Long Island Banjo Society, the Long Island Composers Alliance and the Martha Merideth School of Dance, Theatre and Drama

Martha’s student Grace Azmitia has joined the National Ballet of Cuba.

The 4th Annual Celebration of the Arts

Thursday, November 8th 2012 ·Fox Hollow Inn, Woodbury

Martha and her school are being honored for her exceptional track record and the alumni of her school that are performing all over the world.

Healthier Children Through Dance

Living in a society of fast-food junkies, cigarette addicts, couch potatoes and electronic game freaks, children are hardly exposed to many examples of healthy living. Aside for those who participate in organized sports, the only physical activity most kids get is probably twice a week in gym classes...
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Interesting Personality

Martha Merideth, of Martha Merideth School of Dance in Syosset, knows how hard it is to get ahead in the world of dance..
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Tiny Martha Merideth Is Tallest Star Of All

For someone walking into a crowded room looking for Martha Merideth, the odds of finding her right away are not good. At 4' 6", Martha can be accurately described as tiny and, even in high heels, she will never be mistaken for anyone tall and willowy..
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Funds Raised For New Roof At St. Bede's Church

The Dance Theatre Eclectic dancers, auditioned each September, were called back to St. Bede's for pictures in Holiday Fantasia costume to celebrate Martha Merideth presenting a check for $1000 to Reverend Krantz and Barbara and John Jagy for the "new lid"..
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Proclamation from Senator Ralph J. Marino

Honoring the Dance Theatre Eclectic and its founder Martha Merideth
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St. Bede's Thanks Martha Merideth Dancers

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This Dance Theatre is Eclectic

When J.I. Rodale published the above definition(s) for the word "eclectic" Martha Merideth was in attendance at a tough junior high school on 111th Street in Manhattan. "Eclectic" was as far removed from the vocabulary of the young student as The Martha Merideth School of dance was from the great naturalist and etymologist..
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