Creative Ballet and Dance

Our ballet is based on the Russian Vaganova technique and taught by certified teachers. In meeting the standards of today and its technology our ballet is as cool and fun as hip-hop for our students. While we still use many pieces of classical music in class, we supplement it with more current Broadway and Pop pieces to keep the enthusiasm and energy high.

Our school has a hands-on-hands approach to teaching. Students are guided through the physical experience of movements in dance by physically adjusting their feet and arms. Once they have experienced the correct positions and movements by having been placed into them, they can recreate these actions on their own. Students are guided to understanding and development and not merely 'talked at' to correct them. The quality results of this training method is that students can differentiate the correct from the incorrect forms.

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Creative Ballet and Tap - Boys and Girls ages 3 – 5 (1 hour)

Basic Principles of Tap, Pre-Ballet & Improvisations that influence fine and gross motor skills, coordination and imitation of actions as well as correct muscular development. Children explore the seven moves of all dance: bending, rising, jumping, gliding, turning, stretching and darting. Props, such as scarves, giant ribbons, hoops, etc., are used. In addition, fun steps which lead to technique are introduced, marching, hopping, leaping, skipping, sliding, etc., develop use of space, rhythm and musicality.

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Elementary Ballet - Beginner through 3 years of training

The average child of five or six is ready to respond to training at the barre.

The parallel, and turned out first and second positions are the starting point and are introduced at the barre. These positions are basis of the movements which are required to be mastered in the first years: bending, rising, and jumping. The alignment of the body, the initiation of movement, finishing movements. With careful consideration of the development the hands and the feet.

Some students prefer an entire ballet class and some prefer to continue with some tap.

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Intermediate Ballet - Approximately 4 to 6 years of training

A student is now ready to learn movements and steps based on gliding and turning movements. Usually a student who has at least two years of ballet training and has reached the age between 10 and 12 is a candidate for pointe. Like any other athlete, students preparing for pointe will increase the frequency of training to more than once a week.

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Advanced Ballet - more than 6 years of training

A student who has been consistent, trained intensively between 4 to 6 days a week, displays a true love and passion for the art form, and has a technical understanding and knowledge of the seven moves in ballet is ready to address the deeper performance issues. They can start looking into scholarships in minor or major dance companies, colleges and universities.

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Professional Ballet

When a student is ready to begin auditioning for professional companies they require higher degrees of technical polish and expression. Private and semiprivate training is recommended and available to supplement the regular training. Our proven record of propelling young dances towards dance and dance related fields demonstrates our quality of training.

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About Our Classes

Martha Meredith Studios offers Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional level classes for all age groups. Private lessons are also available year round.

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