About Martha Merideth Studios

Since 1960, Long Island's parents have chosen our school for its excellent reputation.  It is considered one of the five best schools in New York -  as exclaimed in the New York Times. Martha Merideth Studios for Dance, Theatre and Drama was founded with the purpose of creating a vehicle with which to serve the various needs of a talented, intelligent public and to offer the highest standards of teaching in the Dance Arts for both professional and non-professional dancers alike.

A variety of classes and special programs are offered from beginner to advanced and professional levels. A team of top professionals are qualified and responsible for your training in dance and theatre.

Proper training promotes flexibility, strength and control in a child's or an adult's body, develops his or hers concept of self-image, improves correct breathing and coordination, radiates artistic sensitivity which in turn generates and releases a flow of happiness. Energy and harmony created by such experiences is far reaching. It travels and can permeate the child's/adult's imagination helping to create a vast reservoir of creative joy.
  • Genuine training, healthy competition, real fun and happiness find their roots in noble attitudes and healthy pursuits.
  •  A vibrant atmosphere charged with energy and strength is designed to encourage dance students of all ages and abilities to aspire to a special education and build up their greater self, through reliable professional principals.
  • The trademark of Martha Merideth Studios is to “treat yourself to the best and proper training” and “when you find something of value, pass it on to another generation.”  Celebrate life and human expression through the Arts.

A school is measured by the success of its students. By this rule, Martha Merideth Studios for Dance, Theatre and Drama is an extraordinary school. From the classes and teachers have come many professionals in diverse fields. Performers have gone on to Broadway and TV fame. They have toured the world as principals in major dance companies.  Teachers have learned there love of the arts here.  And people in all walks of life have been enriched through dance and theatre, no matter what they chose as a career: doctor, lawyer, historian, entrepreneurs or any other field.

The studio has made it possible for our non-profit dance company, The Dance Theatre Eclectic, to serve the community by facilitating performances for aspiring young artists and, in turn, enhancing and enriching the lives of the Long Island community.

About Our Classes

Martha Meredith Studios offers Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional level classes for all age groups. Private lessons are also available year round.

Martha Merideth Studios

31 Ira Road
Syosset, NY 11791
1 block south of the
Syosset LIRR Station


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